Ronald Wharris

Ten Issues

The Candidate

I am a United States Air Force Veteran who served during both The Vietnam Era and The Cold War. I held the rank of Sergeant receiving a Good Conduct Medal for my Service. My Service took place in Italy, England, and Japan.



The U.S. government’s response to Covid-19 pushed up the country’s total health spending to $4.1 trillion last year, a 9.7% increase that was the biggest in almost two decades.



We have the ability, know how, and actual experience to make online four year colleges. The United States should create a free online college system, a high caliber one, with best professors, open to all Americans. No American should not have the opportunity to seek higher education because they can’t afford it.

The Marxist Strategic conflict between Russia and Ukraine

I studied Communist political systems and philosophy at UMKC while I worked the weekends at Menorah Medical Center. What you must understand about -Marxist Communism is that it is a belief system about the World very much like a religion


The United States Economy is a GIG economy!

This article is only an example of how pricing works in the Gig economy and how billions are made off Gig Labor. It is only an outline study with approximate cost to passengers taken from verbal surveys and experience.


Military Strength

Our Military did not lose the War in Iraq and Afghanistan. They were lost like the War against Covid-19, by the mismanagement by our political leadership. What we expected our military to do with the forces they were given was impossible!


Opioid Crisis

The Opioid Crisis is the most disturbing and destructive crisis of our time. We are talking about 100, 000 Americans being killed last by a chemical attack. This is chemical terrorist attack on our country.


Never Ending Opportunity

I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, but as I see it, only in America would I have been given opportunity after opportunity after opportunity to become a relatively successful human being .


The Mental Health Problem in the United States

Try to be serious and think seriously about what I am saying. We have a mental health problem in our society. The mass killing continues. Kansas City had close to 200 murders last year. These are serious problems.



A few years before my mother passed away, before she became ill, I talked to her about why she rarely ever attended Church, although she identified herself as Catholic and all her children were raised Catholic.